ACC Consumer Finance is an indirect lender in the non-prime automobile finance market. In addition to having a fully-integrated automobile lending platform for the purchase of vehicle secured retail installment contracts from approved franchised and independent dealers; ACC provides approved dealers a full service solution program for selling more cars. ACC strengths include deep automotive finance knowledge and a unique originations strategy that utilizes consistent underwriting methodologies supported by personalized dealer management.

Headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, ACC currently purchases contracts originated by dealers in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Current economic conditions are still driving more former prime consumers into the non–prime or sub-prime borrower category. These borrowers have often become non–prime or sub-prime as a result of now having a lower FICO score. Therefore, there are many more non–prime or sub-prime consumers looking to purchase automobiles in the marketplace.

A history of on time auto finance payments is one of the most effective methods that can be used in the repair of consumer’s credit profiles. ACC works with our approved dealer network to ensure consumers drive off their lot in a car they can be happy with and a financial commitment they can afford.