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Build Equity. Build Credit. Earn More.

No hard credit pulls! We only need a consecutive 6-month, on-time rental history to prequalify.


We can help get you a $7,500 government tax credit for owning an electric vehicle.

Prequalify Today

How It Works

Unlike traditional lenders, ACC uses a specialized system to tailor loans by using a 6-month, on-time rental history. With financing for even non traditional payments like Venmo or Cash App, we work with all types of drivers in the NJ and PA area.

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    Find your Vehicle

    Our dealers have a wide variety of vehicles. Select what you’re looking for.

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    Select the dealership

    A list of dealerships that are local to you will show up. Click on the Prequalification link and it will go to that dealer’s form.

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    Complete the Prequalification Form

    This takes about 3 minutes to complete. We’ll ask for your name and information, driving history and some other details. Plaid is a system that will connect you with information from your bank. It is secure and a standard qualification platform used by banks and this is how we determine your eligibility.

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    Meet the Dealer

    The dealer will call you to set up an appointment once you prequalify.

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    Start Driving

    Once approved, you can start earning more, building credit and have something  show for your hard work.


We work with dealers all over the country.

Get Prequalified Today.

Stop losing money by renting. You owe it to yourself to start owning your vehicle and getting the most out of your hard earned money.