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Grow Your Client Base.

With our Path to Ownership℠ Program, you get more leads, more customers and a new client base of rideshare drivers.

When you become a member of our dealer network and participate in our Path to Ownership™ program, you can provide customers with alternative financing solutions. When drivers use ACC’s proprietary online software, they will find your dealership and automatically get prequalified. All you have to do is schedule and sell!

Instant Customers

How It Works

Unlike traditional lenders, ACC uses a specialized system to tailor loans by using a 6-month, on-time rental history. With financing for even non traditional payments like Venmo or Cash App, we work with all types of drivers in the NJ and PA area.

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    Talk To Us

    We will get all the paperwork in place and ready for our system.

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    Get Set Up In Our System

    We will design your own custom Prequalification form that will be used on our site to prequalify drivers for financing. Our development team will seamlessly connect that form right to your CRM.

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    Be Part of the Network

    Once you are set up in our system, drivers will be able to find your dealership and the types of vehicles you offer through our website.

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    Get Customers

    Drivers will fill out your Prequalification form and our system will run several algorithms to determine the financing amount for which they qualify. The data goes directly into your CRM!

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    Sell Vehicles

    Once the prequalification hits your CRM, you contact the driver and get them into a new car through ACC’s Path to Ownership program. Everyone wins.

Join Today.

Contact us today and we will start the process of getting you into our dealer network. Our team is highly skilled in all areas and signing you up is an easy process. Don’t wait on getting new customers–the rideshare revolution has just begun.