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For Gig Drivers

Own your vehicle, save on fees and boost your earnings.


For Dealerships

Be added to our network and never say “no” to a customer.


Own Your Gig

We help rideshare drivers like you.

With a 6-month on-time rental history, you can own your own vehicle and start earning more, build equity and build credit. Own your gig today!


Apply without hitting your credit score.


Tailor your financing for your needs and lifestyle.


Our network of dealers can help you through the entire process.


Guided by experts through each step.


Non-traditional income? We’ve got you covered.

Easy and Stress-free

Financing Process

Unlike traditional lenders, ACC uses a specialized system to tailor your loan. With financing for even non traditional payments like Venmo or Cash App, we work with all types of drivers in the NJ and PA area.

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    Prospective drivers can go through a pre-qualification process to assess their eligibility for financing, providing them with a clear understanding of their options before applying.

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    Fast Approval

    ACC understands the importance of quick decision-making for drivers, and therefore strives to provide a fast approval process to get them on the road faster.

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    Dealer Network

    ACC has a network of participating dealerships that are familiar with their financing programs, ensuring a seamless vehicle purchasing experience for drivers.

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    Flexible Loan Options

    ACC offers flexible loan terms and repayment plans to accommodate the unique financial situations of gig and ride-share drivers.

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    Dedicated Support

    ACC Consumer Finance LLC offers dedicated customer support to assist drivers throughout the financing process, addressing any questions or concerns they may have.


Our Dealer Network

Become a member of our dealer network and participate in our Path to Ownership™ program, providing customers with alternative financing solutions.